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At Sara's Style Grooming, we put our love for pets and their owners into all that we do.

Because your pet is our joy.

Our Story

Beginning 11 years ago, Sara, owner and operator of Sara's Style Grooming, decided to follow her passion and love for animals.  

Starting out as a dog trainer, Sara then went to work in a local kennel in 1999. From there, she got an Associate's degree in Applied Sciences at SUNY Ulster in the Veterinary Technician program. Moving forwards, she was employed by a local veterinary hospital as nurse for 6 years. While in her position, she loved looking at the dog's haircuts and decided to pursue that interest.


Setting up in her house at first, she began her pet grooming business. Sara then upgraded and opened up what is now, Sara's Style Grooming, in Rosendale for 7 years. With constant growth, we are now happily located in Accord with a loving staff who are all certified to groom.


Who We Are

Our Vision

We strive to be the ultimate destination for upscale pet grooming in our area, setting unparalleled standards for luxury and care.
We aspire to create an oasis where pets and their owners can experience a transformative and extraordinary grooming experience like never before.

Our Mission

Our foremost commitment is to create an extraordinary grooming experience that transcends expectations.
Every pet that enters our sanctuary is treated with the highest level of care, respect, and affection. We go beyond the surface to understand each pet's unique needs, preferences, and personality traits, tailoring our services to deliver a truly transformative grooming experience.

Core Values

Exceptional Customer Service

We provide unparalleled customer service that exceeds expectations, demonstrates genuine concern, and fosters trust through active listening and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Unwavering Professionalism, Exemplified

We conduct ourselves to the highest level of professionalism in all that we do through appearance, communication, and approach.   

cute dog holding a toy on white backgrou

Uncompromising Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all situations.

Pursuit of Grooming Excellence, Unleashing Perfection

Providing the best Spa Day experience to every pet with the highest level of grooming excellence in every grooming session.

Cultivate Lasting Connections, Together and Beyond

We build relationships within the team and with our cherished clients as these are the backbone of our success.

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