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Our shop is designed to make your pet feel warm and welcomed.

See what our clients have said about our loving care.

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Our Boo was in need of grooming and Sara came to the rescue! Sara is the BEST groomer in my opinion. She took the time to really listen to all of Boo’s needs. Customer for life! We couldn’t be happier with they way Boo turned out. Boo looks amazing! Thank you so very much Sara!!!

Sabrina S.

I love all the groomers at Sara’s! Each one is so great with my dogs. My little Scruffy is a rescue from the Caribbean who wasn’t always treated so well, he has some PTSD when it comes to being picked up or ‘handled’ the team at Sara’s are so gentle and caring with him that I can rest easy knowing he’s being well cared for while he’s there. I won’t trust my fur babies to go anywhere else! Thank you!

Jean S.

My black lab is the biggest diva when it comes to clipping his nails. He does NOT like it at all, and I can’t exaggerate how difficult he is about it. Sara was so patient and understanding! Anyone else would have given up. Thank you so much!

Ashley J.

We had a great experience at Sara’s. Our big dog needed the works and he looks (and smells) great. Well Done.

John L.

Sara takes such great care of our Ollie that he gets excited every time I take him.

Carole H.

Lola has separation anxiety so it’s hard leaving her places or alone but she is comfortable at Sara’s and is so happy afterwards! Lola got her teeth brushed, nails clipped, a haircut and a bath. I highly recommended bringing your furry one to Sara’s.

Kayla C.


If you and your furry friend also enjoyed Sara's Style Grooming, please feel free to leave us a review!

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