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Our Services


  • If you want a price quote, text a photo of pet to 845-332-9678.

  • All pets should be on schedule and on time.

  • All pets must be up to date on their vaccines and provide them annually.

  • All grooming and nail trims are by appointment.

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Baths & Medicated Baths

Clean and pamper your pet with a relaxing, sanitizing, and extensive bathe.


Nail trimming, filing, and cleaning, to ensure your pet is pawfect!

Teeth Brushing

Using safe and sanitary paste, we will get your pet's teeth squeaky clean.

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Whatever fur type your pet has, we can groom and cut their locks to perfection.

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Brushing & De-Shedding Treatments

High-quality brushes and combs, making sure to get all knots and matts out of their coat.

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Ear & Eye Cleaning

Gentle, but thorough, cleaning of your pet's ears and eyes.

Spa Services

We also offer add-on spa treatments!

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Blueberry Facial

Cucumber Foot Soak

Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Call:  845-687-9900
Text:  845-332-9678
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